Characters and Such

Uratha of New York
• Alderman (Chuck Stein): whisling, hipster summoner
• Apple (Ophelia Carver): big sassy nurse mama
• Kaihohonu Keomalu (Sequioa): big friendly bear
• Gerard Rousseau (Greywolf): laconic, intense artist
• Hawthorn (Byron Leibowitz): greasy, lanky omega
• Holly (Katy Greenwood): bitter, burnout
• Liza Chandler: daughter of Haki
• Chernobog (Viktor Pleshenko): big bruising bully
• Raza (Carlos Batista): tough-guy chopshop street racer
• Diana Nicodemus (Juniper): banished wild wifwolf
• Enoch Horatio Nicodemus: ancient scrivener, mediator *
• Lycurgus Augustine: proud, noble Elder Alpha
• Okuri Inu (Yukiko): samurai assassin

Other Uratha
• Carson Furrows (Rowan): failed investigator
• Donovan Ashur: old one-eyed world war veteran
• Badger (Fergus Callahan): bearded grumpy woodsman
• Timothy Torngarsuk: inuit healer
• Cammie Marchosia: romantic, gypsy, relic-hunter *
• Fade Albrecht: survivor of the Brooklyn Howlers

Azrae (brokers, jewellers, morticians, informers, thieves)
• Jack Munin: friendly, sardonic wolf-brother
• Arawn Nebiros: mocking king of crows
• Ariel Dumah: quiet, owlish mortician
• Hugin Orcus: sketchy information broker and talismonger
• Yosuzume Suzaku: manic Sentinel assassin

Norn (jailers, architects, tailors, electricians, hackers)
• Takachi O-Kumo: vicious kusari-gama jailor
• Weaver: anonymous Norn hiding in the Archives

Baali (janitors, garbagemen, gourmands, CDC, fast food)
• Barbas Beasley – mumbling buboed homeless tinker
• Tesso Sabnoch – festering bandaged tunneler
• Sallos Copernicus Pruflas Agares – gallant croc

Daemons of New York
• Alistair Morton, the Nightstalker (the Ladykiller, Jack-of-Smiles): clean-cut soft-spoken Child of Ouroboros, haunted by the same spirit as were Spring-heeled Jack, the Axeman of New Orleans, the Boston Strangler, and Jack the Ripper.
• Barron Torbalan (Charon): child-haunting sandman
• Death-of-Picnics: formian spirit of ruined park lunches
• Doctor Akoman: mindbending necromancer of Blackwell
• Eclair: creampuff pixie
• Lady Liberty: patron of NYC, art, freedom, self-reliance
• Lily Megumi Martin (Princess Ember Ester Ukobach, Renewer of the Northern Underland Forests, Bane of the London Plaguebringers, Daughter of the Morning Star) energetic little pyromaniac sugar-addict artist
• Heironymous: forsaken tanuki wombat
• Kunda: puma-esque car spirit
• Meredith: succubus Child of Ouroboros
• Nikolai Bachman (Asmodeus): goatish god of lust, fire, gambling, ambition, dancing, and music; hates burnt fish
• Otto Merriman: satyr piper, Dancing Plague of 1518
• The Sky Tyrant (the Raptor, Jealous King of the Jetstream): dragon of the fear and folly of flight; born from TWA800, 9/11, Concorde 4590, Belle Harbor (its home)
• Stitch: lonely flesh golem gestalt abomination
• Tatianna Freya: Grimalk sensate tattooist
The Turk: possessive upgrader
• Viktoria: fury Child of Ouroboros
• Winston: affable smoker; menthol, naturally
• Xaphan (Paul Edwards): ifriti firebreaker

Mortals (friends and family)
Alexandria Fawkes (Clio Augustine): kitsune lawyer
• Barry Carter: hard-drinking, tired, henpecked cop
• Bruce Cole: Nick’s father, a US army drill sgt
• Fiona Chandler: tomboy cop, Haki’s stepsister
• Luke Morris (Jill’s father) – apathetic dock worker
Megan Moore: sweet barfly and aspiring actress
• Mia Chow: hard-working gymnast, RRust
• Miguel Sanchez: quiet gymnast, RRust
• Parminder Bashir: social-stunted depressive genius
• Sam Johnson – urban artist, RRust

Mortals (other)
• Alice Copeland: trust-fund financed party girl neighbour
• Martha Kent – nosey insincere neighbour
• Maxwell Adley – owner of the Lost Apartments
• Hannah Bell – Gabe’s infatuated unhinged secretary
• Eli Bradshaw – rich theatre/broadway producer
• Gregory Conroy – police commissioner
• Kathy O’Leary – 24th Precinct Deputy Inspector
• Lionel King – Gabe club competition
• Lucas Bishop – K&R Promoter
• Reuben Johnson – old school gangsta, Sam’s uncle
• Roberto Santiago – war journalist neighbour
• Vincent DuGalle – Megan’s stalker

• Brooklyn Howlers (Clavius, Amber, Selene, Rend)
Clive Parks: prurient cpu geek, interrogated by Akoman
Erasmus (Jonathan): itinerant Uratha hero
• Jesse Schreiber: Kenji’s lover and roommate, moloch
• Lacey Wilson: sardonic intelligent Rusty, shot by gangers
• Maria “Scarlet” Rodriguez: methwhore, dancer
• Mike Welsh – teenage drug dealer and date-raper
• Paul Lorenzo – bullying street kid torn apart by Kenji
• Prince Fafnir – red dragon midboss, son of Asmodeus
• Raman Hejar: pizza boy and chemistry student, moloch
• Robert Brock – methcook, Scarlet+Holly’s pimp, moloch
• Suluwo Agwang: teacher, shaman, judge, Haki’s gramps
• Willow Kateri – Uratha hippy caregiver

Ethereal Gateways
• Circe Hotel: ancient bordello
• Den of Castle Stormwatch: Belvedere Castle
• Den of the Last Odyssey: Haki’s home in Astoria, Queens
Den of the Lost Archives: Adley Apartments
• Den of the Ironborn: Raza’s chopshop, Lobo’s Scrapyard
• Super Happy Garden: Lo Pan’s gremlin restaurant
• The Tower of Fear: fiends and terrors at Ground Zero

Characters and Such

Weresona: the Oblivion lostgrail